Things that will disappear in 20 years

Image by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels

1. Standard Traffic Lights

With the current pace of advancements in technology, I think the standard traffic lights should completely disappear by 2020. In my opinion, they will figure out smart traffic lights powered by AI that minimizes the wait time and the risk time as well.

2. Printers with the need to install Drivers

Plug and play printers are long overdue. I think using the printers in the future will be convenient. Maybe they’ll eliminate the need to print anything. Who knows.

3. Whitening toothpastes.

Toothpastes and toothbrushes are essential now. But in my opinion, there’ll soon be a cure to yellow teeth and they will figure out a way to grow teeth enamel back. Thus, there’ll be no need of toothpastes. Hell, they might even invent a machine that takes care of brushing and flossing on its own by putting it in your mouth.

4. Standard Toilet Bowls

Standard Toilet Bowls should go as soon as possible. And they will. There will be non-stick toilet bowls so you don’t have to clean it every time you get off.

5. Electricity

Solar Panels are the future. They are being implemented rapidly over the world but the electricity is still the main source of energy in the world. In future, I think, it’ll be obsolete and more renewable sources would be adopted.

6. Manual Cars

Manual Cars are still owned by a lot of car junkies who can’t let go of them. However, with the rapid change in the automobile industry and self driven cars, I don’t think manual cars will be able to survive anymore.

7. Trees

With the increase in industrialization, more and more trees are being cut day by day. In 20 years, you will be listening stories from your grandma about how there used to be trees in the world.

8. Organic food

As the environment deteriorates, the world is becoming inhabitable. With time, we’ll run out of food sources. Thus, there’ll be no organic food in the world.

9. Privacy

As the technology increases, and with the invention of 5G. Privacy is the biggest concern that we have right now. You’re privacy is not secure even in your home as well. Even though VPN services like ExpressVPN are your best friends in that matter right now, the time is not far away when even VPNs won’t be able to help you.

10. The glaciers

As climate change approaches, glaciers continue to melt. With time, there will be no glaciers left in the world as the global warming is increasing day by day.

Student at Harding University | Cyber Security Editor

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