Steam Region Lock — What is the solution?

We all like to play games, don’t we? But the steam region locks don’t want that, unfortunately.

For some, gaming is an escape. Some people call it their passion. While some people only play games to pass their time. Either way, its one of the most adopted hobby in the current era.

With so many gamers around the world, a community has started to form. People from all around the world have started becoming friends over playing their favorite games together. And this is one of the most commendable thing in these times of hate and turmoil.

Now, there’s an issue. Some game development companies have started making region restricted games. Region locking was actually introduced to stop people from buying games from regions where they might be cheaper. But now, it has become a hindrance in community building as people from some regions are deprived of these games.

There’s a huge list of region locked games, according to steam.

region locked games on steam

Now, what is the solution? Some regional blocked games can be bypassed by using even a free trial of a VPN like ExpressVPN. A VPN also solves the issue of not being able to join a region restricted game lobby. But does the performance remain the same?

It’s true that VPNs have grown stronger, faster and smarter. They also provide features that are very useful for gamers. i.e. port forwarding, DDos protection. But in my opinion, speed is still a concern.

Using a VPN while gaming increases ping and latency. It’s true that some VPN providers have overcome the issue over a great extent, but the issue hasn’t gone away completely.

I hope in future, someone comes up with work-around for region restricted gaming that doesn’t hinder the performance of the game so people from all around the world can enjoy the one thing we all love.

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