Dark Web Secrets — Worth of a Human Identity

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We all surf the web daily for our basic needs, streaming music, ideas for home decor, earn money through freelance or running our online business, but what if I tell you that the web we use is not even 1% what’s really out there?

Yes. That’s where the deep web comes in. The deep web is the part of the web that’s hidden or not indexed on most of the commonly used search engines. The iceberg that sank titanic would be a great example to explain the surface and deep web.

The dark web is a part of the deep web. It is on the deepest layer of the deep web and most activities performed here are of criminal and violent nature. It’s not accessible without a Tor Browser and a secure VPN connection. (Please don’t try to access it without proper security as it’s very dangerous)

Recently, there has been a surge in identity theft crimes. Just last year, more than 167,000 people reported that a fraudulent credit card account was opened with their information. According to the FTC, the most common categories for fraud complaints were imposter scams, debt collection, and identity theft.

Now if we look at how easy it is to get someone to do these crimes, the surge in these crimes would be completely justified. Credit card information, online banking credentials, and social media account hacking services are available on the dark web at extremely low prices.

Here’s what the prices are.

  • Online bank account credentials cost an average of $35
  • Full credit card information costs $12–20
  • A full range of documents and account details to be used for identity theft is available for a mere of $1500

Forged documents consisting of passports, driving licences, and insurance cards can also be ordered to support the hacked data.

Online banking credentials cost an average of $35

Online banking login details usually contains login information, as well as name and address of the account holder and specific details on how to access the account undetected.

Full credit card information $12–20

Credit card information is usually formatted as a simple code that includes card number, associated dates and CVV, along with account holders’ data such as address, ZIP code, email address, and phone number.

A full range of documents and account details to be used for identity theft is available for a mere of $1500

These documents include

  • Stolen online banking logins, min. $100 on account: $35
  • U.S. driving license, high quality: $550
  • Auto insurance card: $70
  • Wells Fargo bank statement with transactions: $80
  • Europe national ID card: $550
  • Total: $1,285

A mere of $1285 is clearly way too low considering the fact that these details, if fallen into the wrong hands, can do a damage of millions of dollars. Thus, the surge in the identity theft crimes is inevitable.

You’re very easy to get hacked

You need to understand that you can be the victim of these crimes as well. Thus, you need to take precautions in every aspect of life starting from being aware of the fact that you’re not invincible. Being conscious and cautious will help you be less careless when handling with critical data or accessing malicious sites and ultimately, save you from grave danger.

Student at Harding University | Cyber Security Editor

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