Dangers of Traveling and How to Avoid them Easily

Travel safety tips
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

We all love to travel. It feels so good to catch a break after working hard the for a long time. But in the excitement of going out and having the time of our lives, we ignore the risks that can cause us great trouble.

So don’t forget to complete this small checklist before heading out to keep you and your family out of trouble!

How to stay safe while travelling

#1. Emergency numbers.

When going for a vacation, you must be prepared properly. The preparation includes having enough data, which can be required for using maps if you’re lost. Having all the emergency numbers in your phones.

#2. Tell your relatives.

While going out, you should tell your relatives and share your locations with them so they can keep a track and stay in touch if anything serious happens or if any emergencies arise.

#3) Keep a VPN.

You’re going to stay at hotels, eat at cafes and use a lot of public wifi. Public wifi are a hackers gold mine because all your data can be sniffed through them in an instant. And even though if you don’t use streaming services and like to torrent movies, torrenting isn’t safe everywhere, specially without a VPN. You must have ExpressVPN to torrent safely from anywhere.

#4) Backup of important documents.

You should always keep backup of your important documents like ID cards and passports. It’s also helpful to keep scanned copies of these documents on your phones in case of emergencies.

Tech has made travelling easy, no doubt. But there are always two sides to a coin. Good and bad co-exist together. So yes, there are conveniences and there are risks as well.

On one hand, it can make communication easier while you’re away from your family. But on the other, there are always risks of getting exposed to insecure networks and your data being sniffed. So as good as it gets, precautions are always necessary.

Student at Harding University | Cyber Security Editor

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