Roku is a beast when it comes to streaming. It’s a powerful device built to help you stream 5000+ plus channels with ease.

But how to use it to it’s maximum potential? The trick is to use the best apps built for the device to unleash the device’s capabilities to the fullest.

If you own a Roku device, then you must have these 5 apps on it.

Stream with ease on Roku

Note: Roku only works in US, if you live outside US, you can use roku via a VPN service. If you install a VPN on Roku, you can access all these channels from anywhere outside the USA easily!

#1. The ROKU ChannelBest Streaming App for Roku

The Roku channel app comes pre-installed on some roku streaming devices but if you don’t have it, you can get it for free. The Roku channel app is full of streaming power with channels like TMZ, Outside TV, along with free movies and tv shows. Amazing app!

#2. XUMO — Best Free App for Roku

Xumo is also full of amazing content for you. It contains free live streams, TV shows, movies, news and a lot more. All in FULL HD! Download it ASAP.

3#. NewsON — Top News App for Roku

If you love watching your local news, this app is perfect for you. Download this app and you’ll be able to access all the local news channels on one click. You can also watch local news from other states, absolutely free!

#4. PopcornFlix — Perfect for Streaming on Roku.

PopcornFlix is another free movie app that you should have on your Roku device to enjoy unlimited movie streaming on one click. The app has a huge collection of content ready for you to get your hands on. If you love watching movies online, this app is made just for you.

#5. TubiTV — Stream TV on Roku

TubiTV is a popular streaming app that you should have on your Roku device. It has video content for you, divided in thousands of categories so you can watch stuff according to your mood. It has a huge database of movies and TV shows and is perfect fit for a movie night at your place.

#6. ExpressVPN — Unblock Roku Outside US

Roku is only available in US. So if you live outside US, you’ll face geo-restrictions. Sucks, right? Well, the problem can be solved by using ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is one of the most powerful VPN service that will help you unblock Roku from anywhere in the world. It’s one of the best VPNs for Streaming as well.

Get ExpressVPN from here!

Here is an ExpressVPN Free Trial if you’re not in a mood to spend money!

Get these amazing Apps on your Roku and turn your streaming game up a notch!

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